Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

The market is full of licensed real estate/letting agents who perform their responsibilities and duties with complete dedication. They provide sellers & buyers, as well as tenant/landlord well-informed and quality services. Although they meet different customers having different requirements, it is their legal and ethical responsibility to do the right actions to meet these expectations.

Let’s have a look at some of the primary responsibilities of estate/letting agents here.

  1. Legal Responsibility

According to the real estate laws, estate/letting agents have a fiduciary responsibility to their customers. It means they need to protect their client’s privacy and keeping secrets of personal items or reasons of a person selling their property. However, they can disclose honesty-based material issues, such as known problems related to the area or defects in the construction material.

  1. Honesty

Estate and letting agents need to maintain their absolute integrity, even when situations seem to be tempting to take advantage. They have to ensure quality representation of their client’s best interest and do not let their personal interest interfere with their honesty.   

  1. Awareness

A reliable real estate and letting agency always articulates their messages and responds to the queries and concerns of their clients and potential buyers. They need to provide you with honest insights and valuable recommendations for your desired properties.

Keeping the said responsibilities in mind, carefully interview some estate/letting agents to determine who can best meet your specific requirements and goals and preferences. When you interview them, it may be essential to observe if they listen to you and clearly respond to what you say.

A great representation of an agency will demonstrate its dedication toward customer service and reliability of work. Simply put, hire an estate/letting agent who is knowledgeable, experienced, and can perform all the necessary responsibilities explained in this article.