Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Your exterior home lighting is one of the most important components of your property. No matter what the season, no matter where your home is located, installing sufficient illumination around the house is vital for keeping you, your family, and your guests safe from harm after dark.

Good residential landscape lighting serves many purposes, improved visibility, higher security, and increased curb appeal. We’ll go deeper into these aspects in a minute, but the thing to keep in mind is that you don’t just install good residential landscape lighting, you need to plan the right layout with your local Landscape Lighting Company. They have the expertise to help you locate the areas where your property needs the lightest and, more important, what kind of lighting is ideal for specific locations.

Increased Safety Through Maximum Visibility

Walking outdoors at night can be fraught with obstacles. When you can’t see where you are going, your chances of taking a hard fall become increased. Add this low visibility to slick and wet conditions and you’re doubling down on your potential for a slip and fall accident.

But when you have ample lighting along all your walkways, your driveway, each entryway into the home, and of course, your front steps, you are reducing these risks. Slip and fall injuries can become very costly for a homeowner, whether it’s his or her own medical bills associated with a particularly bad trip or someone else at the home sustains an injury and decides to sue, going without landscape lighting could end up being a really bad idea.

That’s just one reason why installing the right lighting around the home is a must.

Greater Security for Peace of Mind

Having the right landscape lighting can also safeguard your home and everyone and everything in it against the criminal element. Poorly lit homes are very attractive to intruders and thieves who are looking for easy targets. A dark home is an invitation that the bad guys just can’t pass up.

But with exceptional residential landscape lighting you can reduce the risks of being a victim as proper illumination puts the bad guys in the spotlight. They won’t think of going near your home if you can see them coming. You have many options at your disposal for creating a successful outdoor lighting scheme that will ward off intruders. There are many different fixture types and accessories such as timers, dimmers, and sensors that will even switch your lights on and off when you’re not home, making the bad guys think you are.

Residential Landscape Lighting Brings More Curb Appeal

Your outdoor lighting can be designed to create just about any atmosphere or mood, it can also put all of your home’s most attractive features on display. Exterior lighting has been shown as one of the top five most important factors for home buyers who are seeking a new residence. So, you won’t just be making your home look great, you could be getting more money for it in a resale purchase.