Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

It’s important to choose the right windows for your home because they provide you, the homeowner, with the ability to look out and gaze upon whatever beautiful vistas may be surrounding your property. For those homes with ocean views, it’s even more critical to find the right windows that will allow you to see the water from any location in the home.

After all, you’ve purchased this home near the ocean for a reason. You certainly want to be able to see it whenever you want, wherever you might be spending your time with family and friends. The window experts at Mr. Rogers Windows and Doors can help, we have some great ideas for selecting the right windows and utilizing them in ways that can enhance an ocean view.

Location and Orientation

You already know where your ocean view is located, so think about the best windows for maximizing that view and install them for the best eye-line of the water. This goes for both downstairs and upstairs, you want to give your home many different angles on the shore and the waves crashing in.

So, as you consider which windows will be most effective for presenting your ocean view, think about where those windows should be installed.

Floor to Ceiling Glass

Maximizing your view is about removing any obstructions or limitations that might get in the way. Installing floor to ceiling windows can present magnificent views of the ocean beyond your property. Just be sure you have good window dressings to cover the windows when you want privacy.

Remember, windows can be seen through on both sides, so if your ocean view also comes with a foot traffic component, you want to consider the possibility of passersby seeing into your home.

Fewer Obstructions

Windows can have sashes and frames, but when you are gazing out upon the majestic ocean, you want fewer obstructions in your way. So, minimize the impact of your sashes and choose thinner frames, these will only prevent you from seeing the ocean in its entirety. Grilles are also a no-go for having the best ocean view possible.

Picture windows are a great solution to provide you with maximum views of the ocean, the sand, and whatever else comprises the expanse of your landscape.

Sliding Glass Options

You probably want to spend some time on the beach and since it’s probably just a few steps away from your home it might be a good idea to consider sliding glass windows. These provide you with a wider area of glass through which to see the outdoors. You might even turn these into sliding glass doors so you can walk outside and enjoy the warm beach air, day or night.

Think Higher

Your only view of the ocean shouldn’t be from the ground floor, installing oversized windows in upstairs hallways and/or rooms can give you overhead views of the water that can be just as dazzling and amazing as the views you get to enjoy from the downstairs.