Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Buying and installing replacement windows is something you may be considering for your home. But even after you’ve made the decision to proceed with this home improvement project, you still want to be sure the job is done right. That means knowing how to avoid the most common mistakes that homeowners just like you commit almost every day.

The windows on your property can play such a major role in the interior and exterior aesthetic, not to mention increase the home’s energy efficiency, protect the inside from the harmful rays of the sun, and greatly lower the amount of noise pollution that gets into your house.

Hire A Professional

This is the most popular mistake for homeowners when it comes to putting in new replacement windows. There are simply too many pitfalls ahead for those who lack the training and experience for window installation. Besides, you probably do not have the right equipment to get the job done properly and you’re already doing yourself a great disservice.

Replacing your windows may look easy but even the smallest inaccurate measurement can create a domino effect of mishaps that results in the window fitting poorly or even becoming damaged in the process. Without a professional touch, you could have the wrong size window installed or you may end up losing that energy efficiency which your new windows were supposed to offer.

Don’t go it alone, there is simply too much at stake here. Poorly installed windows are less safe and cost more to repair or even replace in the long run. Avoid this problem by calling one of the experts at Renewal by Andersen today and have your windows installed correctly.

Don’t Let the Cost Decide for You

We all like to shop around and get a good deal on the things we need and want. The same goes for your replacement windows, however, don’t automatically assume that the lowest priced window is necessarily the best option. In many cases, it can actually be the worst. Less expensive windows are sometimes manufactured with lower quality materials and substandard craftsmanship.

Choosing your windows based on price might end up costing you a whole lot more than had you just purchased a good quality option from the start. The money you spend now may help you spend a whole lot less in utility costs, care and maintenance, and provide you with higher resale value should you decide to sell the home in the future.

Identical Windows

When you are putting in a new replacement window, don’t get the exact version of your current window. Chances are the newest windows on the market look better, perform better, and offer better features than what you have in your home right now. Get bold and creative with your choices, you might even want to mix and match styles instead of just choosing one for the whole house.

It might seem overwhelming, but consider all of your choices before you make a selection. You’ll be happy you did.